Getting to Know Additional Light Reflectors

Reflomax Indonesia 20/07/2022

Additional Light Reflecting Device is a tool in the form of a sticker that can reflect light or is Retro Reflective which is installed in certain parts of the vehicle.

Here reflomaxindonesia will discuss in detail about APCT and also the regulations of the Transportation Agency that you must know.

The retroreflective nature of this tool will reflect light towards the source of the light so that it can be seen by other drivers in low light conditions such as at dawn, dusk, especially at night. A good light reflector will also be clearly visible during the day.

The additional light reflecting device in question is Reflomax Glodian. Teqnom seeks to support and succeed in government programs in order to improve driving safety through a wide selection of the best and certified products. Please note that additional light reflecting devices or reflector stickers approved by the government must have the UNECE R104 class C standard (pdf link catalog & reflomax technical guidelines).

Teqnom as a business unit of PT. Tohoma Mandiri provides light-reflecting devices for motor vehicles, goods transporting vehicles such as trucks and boxcars, passenger cars, trailers, and patch trains. This new regulation which has been in effect since the beginning of October 2019 automatically replaces the Decree of the Director General No. SK. 5311/AJ.410/DRJD/2018.

You can read the Dishub regulations regarding light reflecting stickers here:

These are the vehicles that are required to use a light reflecting device:
Freight cars
bus car
patch train
A special vehicle designed for a specific function.

No kidding, the Ministry of Transportation will impose sanctions on vehicle owners who do not comply with the rules for installing light reflectors. New vehicles that are not installed with light reflectors will not pass the type test, while vehicles that are already in operation but are not installed with light reflectors will not pass the KIR test. If the sanction is imposed, the vehicle can be ascertained not to have an operating permit so it cannot be used.

The shape, size, color, and material as well as the logo of additional light reflecting devices including technical guidelines for their installation are contained in the Regulation of the Director General of Land Transportation Number: KP. 3996 / AJ.502 /DRJD / 2019. Red color on the back of the vehicle, yellow color for the side of the vehicle, and white color specifically for the side of the trailer and trailer.

As reported on the official Reflomax Store on Tokopedia, this sticker-shaped tool is priced at 1.1 million per roll. Available in white, yellow, red and has a durability of 10 years.

Proper installation of light reflective stickers!

1. Freight car
2. Vehicles with closed cargo tanks
3. Tank Truck
4. Concrete Mixer Tank
5. Concrete Pump
6. Trailer
7. Patch Car
8. Chassis Trailer