Reflomax Indonesia: Cheap Light Reflecting Equipment Provider (by TOHOMA MANDIRI)

Reflomax Indonesia 19/07/2022

Provisions for the use of light reflecting devices have been regulated in Law Number 22 of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation. Then the discussion is continued on Government Regulation No. 55 of 2012 concerning Vehicles. We can see how important light reflectors are attached to vehicles and traffic signs. This made us realize that as a distributor of cheap light reflecting equipment, we provide all the needs of light reflectors. Definitely what you need.

You will get several benefits if you buy a light reflector product from us:

Good quality
Provide a variety of light reflecting tools to suit your needs
Provide light reflecting device for: Traffic Sign, Conspicuity Tape, Personal Safety and Vehicle Plate
We have 4 products of reflectors as mentioned above.

Here is the explanation:

Our 4 Mainstay Light Reflecting Equipment Products

1. Traffic Sign

Have you ever wondered how road signs can still be seen in the dark at night? The answer is because the signs use light reflecting devices that can reflect light from vehicles that pass through them.

We provide 2 categories of light reflecting tools specifically for Traffic Signs. There are Permanent Signs and Temporary Zone Signs.

Permanent Sign: this category uses aluminum, composite plate or MPGRP. Suitable for warning signs, directional signs, regulatory signs, street name plates, parking lots and railway signs. The durability is also very long, for the white one can last up to 10 years. While the other colors are about 7 years old.

Temporary Zone Sign: this type is commonly used to notify signs of road works. To notify drivers of road work zones, road diversions and road closures. It only lasts 3 years. Its users are widely used for cone signs / traffic cones, barricades, drums and konalisators.

2. Conspicuity Tape Reflector Tool

As the most complete distributor of cheap light reflecting equipment, we also provide light reflecting equipment that can be installed in vehicles, such as trucks. Now the government has made it mandatory to install light reflectors on large vehicles. For example, trucks with colors that are adjusted to Government Regulation No. 55 of 2012 concerning Vehicles.

Our reflector has many advantages:

Flexible and easy to install
Last 10 to 7 years
Easy to remove and not easy to tear
According to CALCOAST TEST REPORT standard (FMVSS 108)
Certified ECE104 Class C & AIS-090
Resistant to chemicals
There is an edge sealer
Easy to cut

3.Alat Pemantul Cahaya Personal Safety

The application of the reflector is applied to safety clothing. Where required by workers who work in places with high standardization and performance. As worn by firefighter uniforms, PLN, and others.

This is also a form of compliance with EN ISO 20471, ANSI / ISEA 107.

The products we have are of very high quality. It is resistant to rain, has a unique motif, is cold resistant, durable and can withstand washing up to 75 times.

In addition to being installed on uniforms, nowadays many even use light-reflecting devices. Usually to be installed on shirts, jackets, shoes, pants and other styles. The application is also very easy, you can be creative and start working on creating clothes that can glow in the middle of the dark night. Feel the glow in the dark with our inexpensive reflector.

4.Alat Pemantul Cahaya Plat Kendaraan

This product complies with the standard ISO7591, DIN 74069. We provide a choice of secure temper and resistant security masks.

Your license plate will look cool and glow in the dark.

We welcome you to custom your own color as well as the design. This vehicle plate can last up to 5 years, the main thing is that it is durable, durable, competitive prices but not quality cans.

If you need a distributor of cheap reflectors, remember Reflomax. Complete products, low prices, and this company has been established since 2005, so don’t hesitate anymore. We are a trusted light reflecting equipment company, just cool.