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Traffic Control – Permanent Sign

Microprismatic retroreflective series for road sign help drivers in various light condition on the road. Our traffic sign series meet all the ASTM standart from type I to type 9.

Traffic Control – Temporary Work Zone Sign​

Microprismatic retroreflective series use for temporary work zone to keep the contructions environment and temporary work zone improve safety.

Conspicuity Marking

Conspicuity Vehicle Reflective Tape Reflomax Glodian™ ECE 104/AIS-090 series design with various colour which adding the visibilities of the vehicle in a various low light condition. High visibility adds vehicle safety.

Personal Safety

GlodianTM Microprismatic retroreflective series increase visibility worker where requires high safety environment. Compliance to EN ISO 201471, ANSI/ISEA107.

Car License Plate

Vehicle safety is improved with higher visibility. Multi-colored reflective tape makes vehicles visible even under poor lighting conditions. Safety saves lives.