Light Reflecting Equipment That Complies With UNECE R104 Standards Including E Certification Mark

Reflomax Indonesia 19/07/2022
Additional Light Reflecting Equipment Products on Vehicles circulating in the market are widely traded without meeting the specification standards and do not meet the applicable regulations, then how do you tell the difference?

Original Reflomax Glodian ECE-104 products have characteristics, such as:

1. Has a micro-prism edge-sealed.


Metalized Micro-Prism

Edge Sealed Micro-Prism



2. Durability of the material (durability).

Resistant to VC tape damage caused by water pressure or air pollution on the streets. Reflomax applies Edge Seal Technology to prevent damage to the sticker seal.

3. Logo can be ordered customized.

On the surface of the Reflomax sticker sheet, a logo can be made according to your needs. However, the main logo (manufacturer and standard) must be included in order to comply with government regulations.