Glodian™ HIP-PRO
Glodian™ HIP-PRO
Glodian™ HIP-PRO.
  • 10 years durability after lamination with EC1000 Transparent Film
  • Stripe, diamond sealing
  • Silk screen, UV & Latex printable
  • Compliance to ASTM D4956 Type 4, KS T 3507 Type 4, AS/NZS 1906.1:2017 Class400, EN12899-1 Class RA2, GB/T 18833 Class 4, GOST 32945 Class 2, JIS Z 9117 Type 2-A-a & 2-A-b

For providing information to the drivers in various traffic situations. HIP-PRO is designated for use as UV-digital print media (or Screen & Latex print) in combination with the Glodian™ EC-1000.

  • Roll Size: 1,230mm x 45.7m, 48.4in x 50yds
  • Packing: 40 rolls per pallet, 320 rolls per 20″ container
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