Glodian ™ ECE-104 /AIS-090
Reflective Tape
Glodian ™ ECE-104 /AIS-090.
  1. ECE 104 class C & AIS-090 certified
  2. Easy to handle and apply
  3. Easy to remove(Cracking does not occur when removing a product
  4. Thin and flexible
  5. Edge Sealed(water & dustproof
  6. Highly visible during day-time
  7. 10 years of field performance
  8. Chemical resistance
Vehicle Conspicuity Tape for Truck & Trailer
  • Color:
    • White, Yellow, Red
  • Size:
    • 50mm x 50m, 2in x 54.7yds
  • Packing:
    • Carton(mm) : 430(W) x 405(L) x 270(H) 16 rolls per carton, 42 cartons per pallet
  • G.Weight:
    • 22.5kg(49.6lb) per 1 carton
  • Reflomax VC-E4 Vehicle Rear Marking Film is a highly retroreflective sheeting consists of prismatic lenses formed sealed in a synthetic film and backed Series VC-E4 is under filme printed for ECE104 rear marker plate applications.
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