Glodian™ EC-1000
Glodian™ EC-1000
Glodian™ EC-1000.
Transparent Color Cuttable Film
  • Easy to cut, weed and apply solution to produce a variety of signs or to add premium protection to your signs
  • 10 years durability

Glodian™ EC-1000
EC Film, Transparent Color Cuttable Film

  • Color:
    • Clear, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Brown
  • Roll Size:
    • 1,230mm x 45.7m, 48.4in x 50yds
  • Traffic Sign.
  • Designed for computer sign cutting and application on the surface of Glodian™ EGP, HIP, SG series retroreflective sheeting, EC-1000 Series overlay films are designed for electronic plotter cutters. Specially, EC-1001, clear film can be an ideal match for Glodian™ HIP-PRO on which various types of information can be printed.
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